Creating Something Amazing



It Started With A Dream

A Dream. A Nightmare. A Sudden Awakening.
An atmosphere with no adequate words to describe.


This is what led me into the discovery of my personal "Intuitive Drawing" method.
As I grabbed the nearest piece of paper I could find ( an old sheet of graph paper ) and started to emotion and thought melted away, and the lines, dots, shapes, squiggles and furious circling motions began to create a story, and characters.
As the shapes and characters emerged, the power of urgent curiosity- I felt a relief of sorts. I began to regularly engage with this way of drawing/scribbling until years had passed, and I had a huge treasure trove of weird surreal characters secreted away in my studio.
Even though my pastel artwork was selling in galleries across the U.S....I never told anyone about the personal stash I had of extremely strange (to me) drawings that had taken over my dreams.

Years passed, and I couldn't stop thinking about my weird surreal characters.


What were they trying to say to me? I finally began to listen....and that's when I started painting them larger, experimenting with media, paper, collage, and finally decided to do one in my first love- watercolor.

Below: Original graph-paper drawing and commissioned larger drawing

Intuitive Drawing

One version of "What Dreams May Come" was commissioned as a large pen & ink, for a newlywed couple, and that one drawing changed my vision of where I wanted to go as an artist, and what I wanted to give to the world.

I'm on a journey of discovery into the wild and wonderful world of Intuitive painting, "Soul-ly" my own original work- and I hope you will come along with me and see what is revealed.